Character Creation

2 characters per player (assuming 4 players):

  • No evil characters please :)
  • Roll 1d6+4 for the first character level (yielding 5th-10th), subtract the first character level from 15 to get the second character level (e.g. rolling a ‘5’ will yield a 9th and a 6th level character.

Online dice server: link to dice roller

  • For a multi-class character figure out the minimum xp value for the cheapest class you selected based upon your roll and halve that (or third it) to yield the level in each class (e.g. Magic-user/Fighter; roll ‘5’ yields 9th level, 135,001 for magic user is cheaper than 250,001 for Fighter; half is 67,501 so you end up with a 7th/6th Magic-user/Fighter).
  • For attributes roll 4d6 and take the highest 3; assign to attributes however you like
  • HP = max at 1st level, plus usual HD rolls per level – no averaging for ’1’s’ though, just take what you get.
  • Send me your character class/level and I will roll/assign magic items for each character – I have a random list (handwritten circa 1983)

Character Creation

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