White Plume Mountain

The Path of a Conjuror

Getting to Keraptis' demense first is of utmost importance

Riikan knows that the two other victims are turning out their coffers, as he is, to recover their precious artifacts. Each legendary item demands a king’s ransom in its own right and their recovery is enough to pay for the services of the best adventurers in the land.

This owner, Riikan, intends for his agents to arrive first and to that end, he has accomplices not available to others. His agents found a grizzled rock gnome whom, as a youth, help excavate a manor at the base of White Plume Mountain. Though gnarled and bent by time, the old gnome has a keen mind. He described the manor in detail to Riikan’s second hireling, a wizard of significant skill. The wizard’s charge is to teleport the party to the site.

This should put them weeks ahead of the other bands of adventurers.



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